Ljubljana Resort Hotel and Camp is OPEN!


We are very pleased to be open!

Reception times are 8.00-21.30 every day. Our main reception is closed till further notice and has been moved to our Befit fitnes reception (30m away from the entrance gate)

For reservation inquiries please fill out the request form here or send us an e-mail at resort@gpl.si




Our driveway is under reconstruction. The entrance gate will be widened, pedestrian zone will be added and the trees will be moved to the side. The works will be completed somewhere in the middle of the month June 21. In the meantime the ACCESS might be blocked for short periods of time between 7.00 and 17.00 on weekdays and Saturdays.
At the moment the road is hard grawel with machinery parked at the side, but there is more than enough space for big trucks, campers and caravans to pass. The detour, though, is via Tesovnikova ulica just a few hundred meters away by Tennis Academy Breskvar. You can enter the "dead end" street at the end of Tesovnikova ulica, because the passage has been arranged to take you directly to the parking lot of Laguna swimming pool (the street, however, has speed obsticles). See the map here.

While the work progresses there will be some louder noices during weekdays and Saturdays. We thank you for your understanding! 



If you have any questions or need our assistance, contact us via e-mail resort@gpl.si or on our telephone number: 00386 70 253 845 (in reception working time).


For current and up-to-date information on the whole situation, recommended hygiene measures and public guidance on COVID-19 coronavirus, please consult the website of the Government Communication Office (UKOM).


We are looking forward to your stay!

Stay healthy.


Ljubljana Resort Hotel & Camping

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