Štirn, an entrepreneurial wine trader, bought land close to the sandy river shore of the Sava not far from the centre of Ljubljana in 1929 and, in 1930, built the ‘Pri Štirnu’ Inn on it. Around it, he built wooden changing rooms, showers, a stable, bike store, boathouse and an additional bar. This is how Štirn’s Venetian spa was born. He also arranged the beach of the river Sava with wooden decking, sunshades and diverse sports facilities. The Second World War halted the development of the bath which then started to deteriorate.

After the war had ended, he set up the Ježica motor camp, including a campsite, holiday chalets, bungalows, summer and winter pools with sauna and bowling alley.

In 2004, at the end of the denationalisation process, a wholesale product, marketing and physical renovation of the Ježica motor camp into the LJUBLJANA RESORT began. The modern Laguna Ljubljana city beach bath was built on the foundations of the former Ježica bath.

In years to come, we are to fix up the area outside the fence of the LJUBLJANA RESORT with the intention of acquiring additional communications and advertising space. Hotel facilities will be increased and additional parking spaces provided. We are going to renovate and modernise the Laguna Ljubljana sports centre. We are also to supplement our hospitality and meetings offer and to diversify the outdoor entertainment and recreational activities.