GP Ljubljana d.o.o.

Dunajska cesta 270, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Telefoon: +386 70 253 845
E-mail: resort@gpl.si


IMPORTANT: Dunajska street, is under construction at least until 31.8.2020. Access to Camping is not possible from the direction of H3 Motorway circle (exit 3, passing Ruski car restaurant and Ježica bakery on Dunajska street). The road is narrowed and at the end on gravel and mostly blocked.
The train crossing further down the Dunajska street is opened! Therefore access from direction of Črnuče (across Sava bridge) or from dirrection of Kranj/Klagenfurt, motorway A2 (following Obvozna cesta) is now possible even though the notifications on the road might say "road closed". It is POSSIBLE to arrive to our camping and hotel!


Google-coördinaten: 46.097774, 14.519109