Want to experience a small bustling city, but still enjoy the tranquility of suburbs and nature? Then come to Ljubljana!



In July, August stay minimum 3 nights* and get one full day of swimming included! Use the code "CAMPING20_SUMMER3" when inquiring to get the best offer! 


In September stay minimum 3 nights* and get one full day of bike rental or fitness access included. Use the code "CAMPING20_SEPT3" when inquiring.


*for July, august and September a minimum stay of 3 nights is needed for reservation. In case you later decide to leave earlier, a minimum payment of 3 nights is still required as reserved.


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Experience Ljubljana with camper-caravan or tent



Situated only 5 km from the city center of Ljubljana, among the tall trees and by the river Sava is the Camping Ljubljana Resort.

With 177 places for campers, caravans or tents and 12 mobile homes it is the biggest camping in Ljubljana. The recreational path along the Sava river offers a variety of individual outdoor activities in all seasons and in the summer guests can enjoy the nearby open swimming pool and beach wolleyball.


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