Dear guests, welcome to our campsite!

Thank you for visiting Ljubljana Resort. For you to have the most enjoyable stay, our staff is here to provide any service to the best of their abilities. To enjoy a carefree stay at the Ljubljana resort, please follow these camp rules:


    When you arrive to the camp, please check-in at the camp reception area immediately and turn over your personal documents (a passport or I.D. card).
    For your tent, camper van or caravan (trailer tent) you get a number plate, which has to be properly displayed until your departure. A monetary compensation, according to the current price list, will be charged if you lose it.
    CHECK-IN IS POSSIBLE AFTER 12:00h (12 p.m.).
    Every registered guest can freely move around the Ljubljana Resort camping grounds. Anyone else will have to leave the camp and be reported to proper authorities due to possible disturbing of the public and peace, trespassing, or avoiding paying the touristic tax in case of an overnight stay, avoiding paying camp services or committing a fraud, which are all violations of the camp rules.
    If you do not check-in immediately upon your arrival or you failed to provide correct information about the number of the people staying in the camp or registered equipment, we will be forced to charge you a fee in the amount of a 3-day stay for the unregistered person(s) and equipment.


    On your departure day you have to check-out till noon (12:00h) at the latest
    , otherwise the camp retains the right to charge another night. You can also pay the accommodation, services and tourist tax costs one day prior to your departure after 15:00h (3 p.m.). For any services paid, you get a receipt.
    You have to occupy the campsite pitch, determined by your number plate
    and our staff will be happy to help you with that. On every pitch you can set up only one caravan, camper van, or tent and one vehicle of transportation (a car or a motorcycle). Any other vehicles have to be parked on the camp parking spaces. Movable vehicles that you can sleep in (a camper van, a caravan) can have a side-tent attached to them only if the tent is attached to the vehicle’s roof and it does not stick out and overhang other pitches or the driveway.
    Switching to another pitch is possible in case of a well-founded reason and only with the permission of a proper camp authority.
    No outside visitors are allowed in the camp without the permission of the reception staff. The camp administration has the right to allow entrance for the visitors, walkers and hotel guests, and issue them a short-term permit. It is prohibited to limit the space so that free movement around the camp is made impossible. Parking the vehicles on access roads and routes or temporary occupation of campsites, even if they are free, is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, you will be charged an additional fee for the extra occupied space.
    You have to use electricity, sanitation facilities, and camp equipment properly
    . The guests themselves disconnect and connect to the electricity, the use of which you have to report upon your arrival. The electricity current is at 16 A - standard electricity outlets. Doing the dishes and laundry is permitted only in the designated rooms. Car washing is permitted only on the designated car wash location.
  4. ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION - You are obliged to maintain order and cleanliness at your campsite pitch, and protect the flora and fauna in the camp. Breaking, chopping and in any other way damaging the vegetation is prohibited (hammering the nails, tying the rope or other things to the trees etc.). Spilling oil, fuel, boiling, salty, and waste liquid, digging of ditches and holes on the camp territory, unsupervised (waste) water disposal, and leaving the garbage outside the trash cans is prohibited. For emptying the chemical toilets there is a designated location in the camp called CAMPER SERVICE. We ask all guests to use water sparingly.
  5. CAMPER SERVICE AND CHEMICAL TOILET – For changing the water in your camper/caravan water tank and cleaning the chemical toilet THERE IS A CAMPER SERVICE SPOT NEAR THE RECEPTION.
    It is strictly forbidden to empty the chemical toilet at the sanitary block (where the showers are)! Penalty for violating this rule gives the camp the right to charge 150 € for extra cleaning and environmental pollution!
    The night peace in the camp lasts from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. During that time driving with the motor vehicles, sports or recreational activities, and setting up or tearing down a tent is prohibited. After 11 p.m., entering or exiting the camp with a motor vehicle is prohibited. The speed limit for all vehicles in the camp is 5 km/h.
    Parents are required to supervise their children at all times and are responsible for the conduct of their children and preserving the peace and quiet
    . They are liable for any damages caused to the Ljubljana Resort property by a minor. Use of the children’s playground is at your own risk.
    Animals such as pets are allowed in the camp, as long as they do not disturb the other guests.
    Keep the dogs on a leash. Dogs are not allowed in the toilet rooms, on the children’s playground, on the running track and other sports facilities (except for the guide dogs for the blind). Dog owners are required to supervise their dog at all time and liable for any damages caused to the Ljubljana Resort property by their dog.
    Making fire, except at the designated locations, bringing inflammable fuels, exploding devices and the like to the camping ground is strictly forbidden
    . In case of a fire near or in the camp, you are required to report it to the camping authority and safely help with the organized extinguishing of the fire until the fire department arrives.
  10. OTHER
    In the camp, every guest is responsible for his/her own property and other personal items.
    The camp administration is not liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged property or personal items of the guest. You can use a safe deposit box at the reception area to store your valuables. The use of a safe deposit box is free of charge. Please return any items found in the camp to the reception area for the purpose of identification and return of the items to their owner. Moreover, the Ljubljana Resort Camp is not liable for any injuries or accidents of the guest due to his/her own carelessness
    Please be advised that the camping number is the property of Ljubljana Resort Camping.
    Each missing card makes our work harder and less presentative. Respect our property and return the card upon departure. Failure to do so, can result in a 50,00 EUR fee.

  12. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE CAMPING RULES will result in a penalty of 50 €.
    Please respect that this is a shared space, no-one is not alone at the property, and our staff is here to help.


​​The basic rule is to respect one another, help one another and follow the rules. This way, you, dear guest, will have a pleasant stay and the staff an amazing opportunity to make your stay even better! Thank you!

Book of complaints and comments is available at the reception.

The camp staff wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay at LJUBLJANA RESORT CAMPING!

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