5-day ceramics course » Big form«



This ceramics ourse is suitable for everybody who already has some bacis technique knowledge. You will learn how to make a tall vase (up to 60 cm). 

There are various dates throughout the year.

The course lasts 5 days.

Already from 390,00 eur!

The price includes:

  • 5 days of courses 5h per day
  • material (clay, glaze, work tools)
  • glazing, firing
  • the final piece is yours to take home
  • a tour of one of Ljubljana's galleries
The course will be run and taught by Gaja Kobav who has more than 20 years of experience in unique ceramics and has had many individual and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. You can find more about her work HERE.



19.5.21            2.6.21             23.6.21            7.7.21              21.7.21            11.8.21              25.8.21          22.9.21        



Supplements and surcharges:

  • Overnight in hotel at the course location from 65,00 eur/ night**
  • Overnight in camping at the course location from 11,30 eur/ night**
  • Tourist tax 3,13 eur / person / night


*The course fee of  390€/person is valid when at least 3 people have applied. When there are 2 people applied for the course the course fee is 440€. SPECIAL OFFER of 415€ per person for applications before 15.4.21 
**The hotel room rate of 65€/night is valid for the least occupied dates. At high occupancy the rate is higher. Tourist tax is not included in the overnight stay rate and is paid separately. 
**The camping overnight rate of 11,30€/person is valid until the end of May. In June and September the rate is 13,10€/person/night and in July and August the rate is ¸17€/person/night. Electricity is not included in this rate and can be added upon request (rate according to the valid price list). Tourist tax is not included in the overnight stay rate and is paid separately. 

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