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Welcome by the Sava river

LJUBLJANA RESORT the biggest tourist complex in Ljubljana lies on a beautiful green location by the river Sava among many trees.

spreading over 6 acres. As the only tourist complex of its size in the central Slovenia region, Ljubljana Resort offers a variety of accommodation and services: camping****, hotel***, mobile homes, Laguna summer outdoor pool, restaurant Štern and Befit fitness centre with many different outdoor recreative opportunities. 

Ljubljana Resort Hotel ***

Features spacious and bright rooms for a perfectly comfortable stay. Ljubljana Resort hotel is located at the edge of the camping just next to the river Sava.

Surrounded by greenery, Ljubljana Resort hotel provides a perfect escape from the busy daily life.  The Hotel Ljubljana resort places great emphasis on experiencing nature in the surrounding natural park area and the flow of fresh air through the hotel.



Ljubljana Resort Camping****

The green surroundings provide a complete relaxation for your eyes, and the vicinity of water provides the place with a mistic fog in the winter and a fresh breeze in the summer.

The recreational path along the river offers many opportunities for various outdoor activities such as jogging, cycling, outdoor fitness and flyfishing. The old city centre of Ljubljana is only 5 km away!



Ljubljana Resort Green Village

Ljubljana Resort mobile homes are located in the heart of the Resort and are surrounded with greenery and trees.

With many different activities our Resort has to offer and the vicinity of the city, this is a perfect place for a family or a group of friends. Off season we recommend renting bikes and exploring the nearby City of Ljubljana and in the summer a refreshing jump into the blue pools of Laguna outdoor pool complex.





Smo ekipa strokovno usposobljenih ljubiteljev športa, ki nam vadba pomeni način življenja.




Poletna animacija za otroke v sklopu kopališča Laguna




Laguna mestna plaža vabi vsako poletje s čisto bazensko vodo, urejenostjo ob-bazenskih in travnatih površin in prijaznostjo osebja.




Okrepčajte se v restavraciji Štern in v poletnih mesecih doživite kulinarične specialitete izpod peke.



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